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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
1Chapter 1 - Customer Centricity Fill-in-the-blanksQuestion Set
2Chapter 2 - Change Negative to Positive Phrases in Customer ServiceMultiple Choice
3Chapter 3 - SMART Goals QuizQuestion Set
4Chapter 4 Contact Center AutomationDrag Text
5Chapter 5 - Angry Customers QuizQuestion Set
6Chapter 6 Self Service Drag the WordsDrag Text
7Chapter 7 Product, Service or ProcessDrag and Drop
8Chapter 8 Leading a Customer Centric StrategyDialog Cards
9Body Language ExplainedInteractive Video
10Understanding Body LanguageInteractive Video
11Nonverbal categoriesQuestion Set
125 Ways to Improve Your Nonverbal Communication SkillsInteractive Video
13Active ListeningInteractive Video
14Active ListeningQuestion Set
15EthicsInteractive Video
16Ethics -legal v ethicalQuestion Set
17Ethics - employerDrag Text
18Ethics 2Interactive Video
19Ethics - employeesQuestion Set
20Ethics - overviewInteractive Video
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