9 Hints on how to succeed in this course!

The grades you earn on each assignment are up to you.  The documents below spell out in detail the requirements you must meet in order to earn an “A” grade. These “hints” give you a preview of those requirements:

  • The course includes 5 learning modules.
    • Be aware of the start and end date of each discussion forum and the due date for each assignment.
    • Submit your initial forum posts and resource reports within the first 3 days that the module starts.
    • Participate in each of the discussion forums on at least 10 different days during the module
    • Submit your blog on the first day the blog assignment is active.
  • Discussion posts that are submitted after the module ends are not graded.
  • You will get no credit for a discussion post that violates either of the Two Cardinal Rules.

Frequently asked Questions:

Question 1: How will I be graded?

Answer: I use a grading rubric to provide feedback on every assignment. These rubrics are presented in the documents below, and are accessible in the My Grades section.  I suggest that as the course proceeds you review each of your scored rubrics so that you are aware of any problems and do not make the same mistakes again.

Question 2: Why is there a “post on 10 different days” requirement for full credit on the discussion forums?

Answer:  I have learned over my 20 years of teaching online that the discussion forum is the primary learning activity.  To make an online discussion as meaningful as a face-to-face discussion, it is necessary to have the same back-and-forth interaction.  This can only be done if you give the other participants a chance to respond before you get back to them with your reply.

Keep this in mind as you participate in the discussion forums, write your Internet Resource Reviews, Blogs and your Self-Analysis: You are posting your work for the benefit of the other students – not for the benefit of the instructor!


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