32 Introduction

Scholarship as Conversation

Module Introduction

In this module you will learn about scholarship as an ongoing conversation that unfolds over time. You will also learn how to follow those conversations and keep abreast of current research.

It can be helpful to review the history of research on a particular topic and trace how the scholarly conversation as developed over time in order to understand the existing scope, methodologies and gaps, as well as identify possible areas for further research. One way to follow the published conversation is to conduct a literature review; another approach, which you will learn about in this module, is to follow the citation trail. A citation trail will help you, as a student researcher, identify both keywords and subject experts on your subject. (1)

Learning Outcomes

This module aligns with Learning Outcome 6.

Module Objectives

Upon completion of this module, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss scholarly conversation as it relates to your own research.
  • Cite sources from research. (1)

Required Readings

Assignments and Learning Activities

  • Complete Readings
  • Participate in Module 8 Discussion


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