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FSCJ Library Resources and Services

Click on the links to connect directly to these resources.


FSCJ Library Home page

Start on FSCJ’s Library Home page to do a basic search in the catalog, find help and FAQ’s, or to connect to other services provided by the Library and Learning Commons.

FSCJ Library Databases   

Full list of research databases to which the FSCJ Library subscribes, including trial databases. You must be a currently enrolled student or faculty/staff member to access.

The following library databases are recommended for various subtopics of IDS 1107 college research. Find them alphabetically.

  • The Big Interview
  • Career Transitions
  • Careers and Job Search Videos
  • Research Companion
  • Testing and Education Reference Center

FSCJ Online Journals(FSCJ login will be required to access full text)

In the “Browse by Discipline” section you will find a variety of full text publications that are available.

FSCJ LibGuides

Full list of LibGuides, or Research Guides, which are web pages developed by FSCJ librarians and library staff. They provide quick links to sources available through the library and on the internet for individual research, programs of study, specific courses, and more.

FSCJ LibAnswers and LibChat

This link provides Help and FAQ’s regarding Library and Learning Commons’ services. You can live chat with an FSCJ librarian, submit a question or schedule a research appointment.



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