Chapter 2

Covid-19 Shut Us Down

Danielle Miller

Locked up. Duuuuvvvallll!

Campus cell phone alert for COVID-19

Beaches. Closed.

CLOSED sign at beach

No sun. No sand.

Neptune Beach closed sign

Just these four walls.


But Bleach, YES! Just a sip.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg VOTE sign and Biden/Harris sign



No toilet paper.

empty toilet paper aisle

No dining in.

No guitars, no banjos.

Facebook invitation to "I can't breathe solidarity reflection walk"


Just the sounds of No Justice! No Peace!

BLM protestors marching

Ring through the streets

as the glass shattered

As the bullets shot up the bed

As a pick up truck chased a jogger


Silence is Compliance!

We believe .... sign

No more knees on necks.

No more bullets in the back.

Hands Up. Don’t Shoot.


“I am talking” MAN.

The line for the food pantry wraps around 4 city blocks.


Where is my PPE?


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