Chapter 7


Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases reach 2.4 million worldwide cases
Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases reach 2.4 million worldwide cases.

My reflection on the 2020 pandemic year would be how little control they had on the virus. Not to mention how many people were out of work, not able to feed their families, let alone themselves. Okay, so the government did something, but I don’t believe they really did all they could do for their people, and I am very saddened by that. Thankfully, I was not one of those families without a job to provide for myself. I was a necessity; and for that I am grateful for I wouldn’t know what to do if that happened to me.

That’s not even the worst part—it’s the amount of deaths for me. Don’t quote me on this, but a lot has been sad about the number of deaths, though, like, they are putting that human beings are passing from the virus on their death certificates. Also, I still don’t understand what was so darn hard about staying home and not having more than ten people in a group. I do understand the [mask] situation. I be about to pass out. Imagine wearing it for eight hours and having to move around sometimes! Oh my gosh!

All and all, I still feel that you should wear your mask. So, for me I really didn’t have the whole feel of being isolated or bored because I was, and still am, out and working. I will tell you, though, it will definitely be a year to remember. This will be in the books and a story that will always be told.


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