7 Overview: Ancient River Valley Civilizations

This chapter introduces students to artistic, religious, and political expressions that emerged within the Ancient River Valley Civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China. Students will consider the cultural, political, and social elements that distinguished each of the aforementioned civilizations. In addition to sorting events related to the Ancient River Valley Civilizations in historical order, students will also demonstrate their knowledge of these civilizations by identifying key items from the chapter in the second module quiz.  Finally, weekly Discussion Board response will measure how well students are able to synthesize what they have learned in the module.  Learners must be able to formulate an argument using examples from the chapter to determine whether individual achievement or communal collaboration was responsible for the establishment of the Ancient River Valley Civilization.(1)

Chapter Learning Objectives

  1. Sort events related to the ancient river valley civilization in historical order.
  2. Identify the role that geography played in the daily life of ancient river valley civilizations.
  3. Recognize the function that architectural spaces, such as the Ziggurat and Pyramids, played within the life of ancient river valley civilizations.
  4. Recognize the role that artistic and literary culture played in furthering the political ends of state in Ancient River Valley Civilizations.
  5. Identify the importance that religion played in shaping the societies of river valley civilizations.
  6. Recognize the major figures associated with the ancient river valley civilizations, along with their achievements.
  7. Recognize the major conventions and themes that comprised the literature produced by ancient river valley civilizations.
  8. Examine how far the establishment of Ancient River Valley Civilizations should be attributed to either individual achievement or communal collaboration.(1)


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