68 Overview: Global Civilizations During the Middle Ages


This chapter introduces students to the civilizations that emerged during the Middle Ages outside of the Latin West. These so-called ‘Great Powers’ include the Byzantine, Chinese, Islamic, Meso-American, and West-African empires. In examining these civilizations, we will consider the cultural factors that shaped imperialism in these states and vice versa.

Chapter Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize the cultural contributions and achievements made by the non-Latin West global civilizations during the Middle Ages.
  2. Identify the historical developments that led to the rise and fall of each global civilization covered in the chapter.
  3. Recall the role that religion played in the formation of the non-Latin West global civilizations.
  4. Identify key elements of Islamic belief and practice.
  5. Discern which factor proved most pivotal in the maintenance of stability within non-Latin West global civilizations.


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