185 In the beginning…

The study of the origin of the Universe is called Cosmogony . This is where science-philosophy-theology-religion meet. Was Creation a supernatural event; that is, did creation of the Universe take place outside of the natural realm? Or was it an event that can be naturally explained? Different philosophies have different views on these questions. Yet the heart of the question is: can one verify creation through science & technology?Cosmology , from the Greek kosmos , is the study of the origin, evolution, and eventual fate of the Universe. Physical cosmology is the scientific study, whereas religious cosmology is based on a body of beliefs and traditions.

Physical cosmology was studied during most of the 20th century, with large telescopes and radio astronomy. From 1989 forward, Earth-based telescopes utilized new technologies, specialized spacecraft were designed and launched, and the Hubble Space Telescope was used to study many cosmological questions. Cosmology deals with the nature of the Universe as a whole …including science, philosophy, and religion .


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