190 Recent Data on the Universe

Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe or WMAP is a new satellite, which is providing solid data in support of cosmological research. WMAP has helped to significantly refine the age of the Universe to 13.7 billion years old +1% (137 million years).

WMAP has also provided data in regard to the matter in the Universe:

  • Dark Matter: 73%
  • Cold Dark Matter: 23%
  • Atoms (& Molecules): 4%

This infers that the matter we are used to – and what we are composed of – only makes up 4% of the Universe. This brings us back to the problem: where is the Dark Matter?

Pie chart showing 73% of universe is dark energy; 23% is cold dark matter, and atoms at 4%.
Image courtesy of Florida State College at Jacksonville.


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