46 The Nebular Theory: Other Important Evidence

The types of objects found within the solar system provide significant clues and evidence to support the Nebular Theory. First, the types of Planets and their distributions: with the Rocky planets being close to the Sun, and Gas Giants planets being far from the Sun, Dwarf Planets or Plutoids, a class of Dwarf planets, are found far from the Sun. Comets, asteroids, and meteorites recovered on Earth also provide a number of clues and evidence of Nebular-type development. And the motions of most solar system objects orbit and rotate in an organized fashion.There are a few exceptions to what we would expect to find. For example, we would not expect to find a planet with a large moon, specifically Earth and the Moon. Uranus is tilted on its side and ‘rolls’ around the Sun. And Venus rotates in retrograde (backwards) as it orbits the Sun, contrary to the other planets in the solar system.


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