36 Telescope Mounts

Image of a Maksutov-Cassegrain (Rumak) Intes M703 (7.1'/180mm, F/D 10) tube mounted on a Vixen GP-DX German equatorial mount.
CC BY 2.5 | Image courtesy of Wikimedia Author: Marie-Lan Nguyen.

Telescope Mount is the telescope’s support structure. The two main types of telescope mounts are alt-azimuth and equatorial mounts. The Alt-azimuth mounts move in two directions: left to right, or up and down. The word “alt-azimuth” is a combination of altitude and azimuth. Equatorial mounts track the apparent motion of the stars by aligning one of its axes parallel to Earth’s axis.

Go-To Telescope Mounts

Go-To’s telescope mounts enable the telescope to find objects in the sky using a microprocessor, encoders and motors. A Global Positioning System (GPS) as a part of the Go-To system tells the mount and microprocessor where the telescope is located, what objects are visible, and where they are in the sky.


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