141 Stellar Mass

The type and life of the new star depends on the initial amount of material present: its stellar birth weight. Astronomers group stars as Low-mass , <1.33 m ⊙ Intermediate-mass , 1.33 m ⊙ to 4 m ⊙ ; and High-mass :>4 m ⊙ . (Recall ⊙ refers to the mass of the Sun, the Sun = 1 m ⊙ ) Each of these star groups has different lives and deaths. In this module, we will examine low- and high-mass stars.

Stellar Mass versus Star Life range, Spectral Class

Mass; m 

60 m 

30 m 

10 m 

3 m 

1.5 m 

0.1 m 

Time; Year

3 million years

11 million years

32 million years

370 million years

3 billion years

10 billion years

1000’s of billion years

Spectral Type






G2 (Sun)



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